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A full range of skincare products that use salts from the Dead Sea.


Inspired by the healing therapeutic qualities of the ocean, Sea Magik fuse high concentrate marine minerals with intuitive rituals that instantly restore and transform skin, calm the senses and bring body and mind back into healthy balance.


Sea Magik products contain allergen-free fragrance and no parabens, cruelty-free and are 100% vegan friendly with no genetically modified organisms.


By using mineral rich skincare you are keeping your skin healthy and in great condition. Our facials use the powers of mud, salt and seaweed to promote radiant beauty.


Before your facial your therapist will perform a greeting massage to relax and unwind the body. In each facial a mud mask tailor made for your skin will be applied.

Sea Magik Ocean Glow Facial

This deep hydrating  facial helps to gently renew and revive the skin. Products used in this facial help to smooth fine lines and prevent further skin ageing by treating both the surface and deeper skin tissues.


Sea Magik Balancing and Restoring Facial

This rebalancing deep cleansing facial is perfect for those with an oily T-zone or combination skin. The highly concentrated minerals in this treatment normalise skin ph to reveal a healthy clear complexion.


Sea Magik Refresher Booster Facial

A mini facial incorporating a full cleanse, tone and exfoliation to brighten the skin and a nourishing mud mask to suit your skin type. Your skin will feel refreshed and glowing,

Sea Magik Gua Sha Mineral Eye Lift

This mineral eye lift is a revolutionary face and eye treatment specifically designed to provide an effective firming and hydrating experience.

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